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In this article are the major examples of punctuation and some other marks which have a punctuating or similar impact in language:punctuation title symbol(s) intent/utilization/outcome entire-prevent/time period .

Finishes a sentence, a substantial pause prior to resuming following sentence . comma , Finishes a phrase, slight pause, connects phrases or mentioned goods. semicolon Finishes a phrase, a extended pause than a comma, shorter than a time period.

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colon : Prefaces a checklist or example or quote or other referenced item, with a pause equating to a semi-colon. question mark ? Prompts or calls for an respond to or consideration at the finish of a phrase. exclamation mark ! Adds emphasis at the stop of a phrase.

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Denotes loud speech or surprise or indignation. hyphen/sprint – or – Connects hyphenated text or prefixes or suffixes an substitute to brackets encompassing a phrase an substitute to a comma or semicolon and alternate to the word ‘to’ in dates and periods, and so on.

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apostrophe ‘ or ‘ Denotes possession, missing letters, or alternative to speech marks. Slanted type is regular and older. speech/quotation marks ” ” or ” ” Surround and denote speech or quotation or extracted information.

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Slanted design and style is older traditional design, sometimes identified as ) [ ] Surround and denote related or beneficial supplementary or incidental info, which is normally not critical to primary place.

ditto writing custom mark ” or – ” – Seems in columns and lists signifying ditto, i. e. , ‘same as above’. slash/virgule / Different for ‘or’ choice for ‘and’ (in a blended sense) denotes abbreviation of a two-letter phrase (e. g. , w/e for weekend or week ending) online tackle file/listing separator indicator of line-break in typographical mark-up instruction/notes signifies ‘divided by’ in mathematics and many other people. Also referred to as solidus, stroke, forward slash and more – it can be a quite beneficial and potent symbol. backslash Far significantly less prevalent in typography and composing, but progressively common in computerized communications, notably in file and listing separators. underline/underscor.

or Provides emphasis to underlined passage. Single underscore image is utilised as different to hyphen to make steady unbroken filenames and other digital data.

asterisk(s) * or ** Implies that a similar be aware appears later in textual content, which is also marked by an asterisk. Exactly where the system is shortly recurring two asterisks are applied, and so on, to stay clear of confusion. Asterisks are also made use of as replacement letters in offensive text by some publications. guillemets/angle quotes/French offers « » Surround and denote speech or estimate in some non-English international languages, as option speech marks. Named immediately after french printer Guillaume Le Bé (1525-ninety eight). reduplication – in language, reduplication refers to the repeating of a syllable or seem, or a equivalent sound, to develop a term or phrase. For illustration, mumbo-jumbo, higgledy-piggledy, helter-skelter, reet-petite, quick-peasy, possibly-toddler, bananarama, tuti-fruiti, see-noticed, curly-wurly, scooby-doo, looby-loo, hurly-burly, pac-a-mac, touchy-feely, in it to earn it, and so on.

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